5 Fast Facts on Ether, The Ethereum Token That’s Up 900% This Year

Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency that’s trading at all-time highs.

Lost a bit in the mainstream spotlight has been ether, the cryptographic token that powers of the ethereum blockchain. But, when compared to bitcoin’s nearly 50% surge in value since the start of the year, ethereum’s 900% climb is worth examining in context.

From roughly $8 on 1st January to an all-time high of $82 this week, ether has come a long way since its began trading in 2015.

Here are 5 things newcomers may benefit from knowing about the market.

1) It’s not an overnight success

Since early 2016, ether has been the second-largest market cap of any cryptocurrency, managing to outshine more tenured alternative asset protocols such as litecoin and ripple, according to CoinMarketCap data.

This sharp increase has taken place as the broader cryptocurrency space has attracted significant capital inflows, rising almost $7bn in value in Q1 2017.

During this time frame, the price of ether returned more than 500%.

When examined over a broader time frame, cryptocurrency’s price gains have been even more impressive, as ether has appreciated more than 2,800% since it 2015.

2) It’s volume has varied wildly

Ether’s trading volume has fluctuated quite a

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