3 Ways Americans Are Being Deliberately Divided

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theorganicprepper.ca / Daisy Luther / February 11, 2017

This Week in the News

Let’s talk about the blatant efforts to cause an irreparable rift between the people of our country.

I often compare current events to parenting, and this week is no different. Everything purported to be news is just more bickering.

It’s like when your kids are behaving like brats, and no matter what one kid does, the other kid jumps on it and blows it completely out of proportion like it’s the worst thing in the history of the world. Every outrage is multiplied a thousandfold. Kid 2 drops Kid 1’s pencil when passing it over and suddenly, Kid 2 is accused of a Machiavellian scheme to impale Kid 1 through the heart with a stake that was only disguised as a pencil.

The difference is, the path America is on leads someplace far worse than each side being sent to their rooms to consider their actions and figure out how to get along. We’re headed down a path of division that has become so extreme that it’s hard to see a way back.


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