21 Inc Launches New Inbox Service That Pays Users in Bitcoin

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21 Inc has come up with a new service to revolutionize the way people think about using bitcoin. In fact, the company now offers users an alternative email service that will reward people for every paid message they receive from outside of the network. When someone receives these funds, they can either keep the funds or donate it to one of the charitable organizations An interesting take on existing email services, albeit its popularity remains uncertain for now.

An Email Service That Pays in Bitcoin

It is interesting to see 21 Inc come up with a new service that virtually everyone in the world needs. It is impossible to live in this era without using an email address, even though most people use a service provider that shares their personal data with advertising companies and other third parties. This is where the 21 Inc service comes into the picture, as they are looking to do things very differently.

All users have to do is create their own 21 profile, and they will immediately receive an email address linked to that profile. Users outside of your 21 network can

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