(+) 10 Essential Investment Rules For Rookies

As you saw in our Trading vs. Investing article, in several ways, value investing is the polar opposite of trading. That said, in other regards, the two different approaches are very close to each other. Following your investment rules with discipline, for example, is as important in investing as it is in trading. In short, objectivity, patience, dealing with emotions, and other “soft” skills are very important for both methods. The actual rules and best practices to follow, on the other hand, are usually unique for trading and investing.

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As with trading, there are rules that are more important for beginners than they are later on in an investor’s career. In several ways, staying in the game is more important than your initial results, as with experience you will naturally evolve, find your comfort zone, and be able to focus on your edge. The following rules are addressing the most basic mistakes that rookies commit, while also focusing on the cornerstones of investing that will jump-start your career and boost your returns.

Let’s jump straight into it.

Good investing is simple, don’t complicate your analysis

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