You Won’t, But You Damn Well Better / by Karl Denninger / 2017-02-07

Get up, go in front of your mirror, strip.

What do you see?

A belly?  A fat ass?

Be honest.  There’s nobody there but you.  No, all bodies are not beautiful.  You’re either somewhat normal for a human, you’re thin as a rail or you’re a fat ****.

Half of all in America over the age of 18 are the latter, as are the majority of those over 65.

That sucks.

Now go to your medicine cabinet.

What’s in there?

Aspirin, mouthwash, an anti-histamine?  Ok.

One, three, a half-dozen prescription drugs?  Not so much.

Read this Ticker again.

Cut the crap.  Trump is not going to address medical monopolies.  Not only has Trump now said that he probably won’t do anything until 2018 (which, I remind you, will be right into the maw of the next Congressional election — in other words nothing will be done) the Republicans have been filing bills that do nothing to address the problems and in at least one case, Rand Paul, both make it much worse and admit that the entire system is riven through with currently-illegal conduct because they propose to make said conduct lawful.


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