Wyre’s WeChat and Facebook Bot Authenticates Invoices on Ethereum

US blockchain payments firm Wyre has launched a new bot for Facebook Messenger and WeChat that authenticates invoices through a public blockchain.

In WeChat or Messenger, a supplier sends the transaction details to the Wyre bot, which will generate and email a PDF invoice to all parties. The invoice is then hashed and stamped onto an ethereum blockchain every hour to verify where it came from.

Scamming people with fake invoices is too easy, said Michael Dunworth, CEO and founder of Wyre. Last month for example, tech giants Google and Facebook allegedly fell prey to forged invoices and phishing attacks, losing $100m in the process.

The bot is designed to make sending and receiving invoices easier, so it needed a clear method of authentication, said Dunworth

He explained:

“It’s on our official wallet where you can see the input data of the hashes in the blockchain. We put it into HEX and you can convert that into ASCII, if you look at ethereum, with just the click of the button. That’s just a security measure for clients so they know [the invoice] did go through the Wyre bot. It’s not someone pretending they went through the Wyre bot.”

“Businesses should be using this. It is

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