Trump Supports Civil Forfeiture; Support Bitcoin

In 2012, my wife and I decided to take a road trip through this great land of ours to visit my wife’s sister. Her sister was wanted to buy a house, so my wife wanted to help out. Rather than spend the money on a wire, she took 8,000 dollars out of the bank witcreative commons imageh the intention of giving it directly to her sister when we arrived.

Soon after pulling onto the highway, a truck in front of us kicked up a rock, putting a tiny crack in the wind shield. I grit my teeth, but there was nothing to do about it for the time being, so we continued on the trip.

Somewhere along the Arizona- New Mexico border, a police officer somehow noticed that crack in the windshield and pulled us over. I was polite and cooperative, and the officer was pleasant. He said that we should fix the windshield as soon as possible, but that he wouldn’t write us up this time. He also said  there was a lot of drug traffic coming through the area, and though we looked like nice enough people, he asked if he could

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