Trump: Proof in the Pudding and Bitcoin

A few days ago, I responded to a tweet from MarketWatch in which they advised readers to sell everything if Trump starts a trade war. I wrote back with a pithy: Sell everything, buy Bitcoin.

One person who read the post took exception. He wrote to ask, and I’m paraphrasing, if I was really going to trust an imaginary currency when tshtf. My answer: Yes, I will trust, not an imaginary currency, but a cross-border, decentralized, programmatic
, non-bank, non-government money that’s safe from Wall Street and Treasury hands when tshtf.

And it’s not just trade wars that will spark the a rush to safe assets out of the hands of the very people who have been pauperizing us for 40 or more years. The political, financial, and social rifts in the US are growing wider. There is likely to be more domestic strife over the next few years, a good chance of new wars internationally, and a not insignificant chance that the financial system will collapse again.

Trump voters like him; the really like him

The Guardian has a nice piece this morning that examines the attitudes of a few Trump voters after his

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