The Passion of ‘Bitcoin Jesus’: How The Blockchain’s Most Beloved Investor Became its Most Polarizing


“I am the way, the truth, and the life.”
– John 14:6

“Any miners who’ve upgraded to Bitcoin Unlimited 1.0 should downgrade now! It just generated an invalid block.”

It’s afternoon in the ‘Miner in the World’ WeChat, one of the rare channels that bridges bitcoin’s strained east-west communications divide. But the alarm isn’t being sounded by a miner. Rather, it’s from bitcoin developer Matt Corallo, and he’s up in arms about an issue many of his peers now believe could have accidentally split the $15bn economic network.

Corallo quickly posts more links to explain the situation, which boils down to this: a bitcoin mining pool processed an invalid block that was rejected by other nodes and miners. As it happens block after block, day after day, the pool found the correct hash and broadcasted it to the network.

In short, it should have been able to retrieve the current block reward, earning roughly $11,000, but it wasn’t able to.

In this case, the pool,, was running code that was different than most the network. Unlike all previous blocks, the block generated wasn’t 1MB, but larger.

Quickly, someone in the channel pings Roger Ver, its owner.

“I don’t know which versions of

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