The Gold-Silver Ratio Explained Like Never Before / by SRSrocco / February 16, 2017

While there have been countless articles written about the Gold-Silver Ratio, they did not include the information that will be provided in this article.  Most of the information or analysis on the gold-silver ratio has been based on its “price ratio” and little else.

Unfortunately, price ratios are only a small part of the overall picture.  To get a better understanding of the gold-silver ratio, we have to include data that has been overlooked by the industry.  For example, it is important to understand how the metals are produced, as it is a leading indicator of the current price mechanism.

I decided to use statistics from the United States, as it is a good indicator of what is taking place in the rest of the world.  Furthermore, the USGS – United States Geological Survey provides excellent data on the gold and silver industry.  In addition, I have included statistics for copper, as the king base metal adds more evidence to the price ratios of the metals.


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