The Future of Africa through the Eyes of Two Blockchain Devs

This article is part of an ongoing series called Across Africa with Bitcoin, detailing the writer’s current journey in exploring financial inclusion through Bitcoin in multiple countries across Africa.

It is on record that there are a few Blockchain Devs in Africa, and most of them are being poached by other continents with attractive offers. In Harare, Zimbabwe, I had the opportunity to speak to two Devs over their views on the nature of their work and its future in Africa.

With Yeukayi Confidence at Cresta Lodge in Harare

Confidence Nyirenda and Yeukayi Kusangaya work with a Blockchain firm as a Software Engineers in Harare. I engaged them on the sidelines of the ongoing Digital Future 2017 Conference.

For Confidence, being a Blockchain Dev is very challenging and a busy life. “You always have something to learn, adapt to new technologies and keep up with the system”, he noted.

However, Yeukayi believes it is interesting to be an African Blockchain Dev.

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