The Clinton Losses Continue: Hillary’s Son In Law’s Hedge Fund Closes Up Shop / Dr. Fly / Feb 8, 2017

Chelsea Clinton’s husband was a hedge fund manager, until today. Marc Mezvinky’s Eaglevale lp, after years of rancid performance, has decided to close up shop and return their investors money back to them, one of which includes Goldman’s Lloyd Blankfein.

The fund had been reeling ever since its retarded bet on Greece, which caused their Greek opportunity fund to draw down 48% a few years ago.

Since then, Marc was, allegedly, using his powerful inlaws to further his schemes — abusing ties with the Clinton Foundation to raise assets.

In all, Eaglevale had nearly $400m in assets. Naturally, Eaglevale had offices in NYC, but enjoyed the tax exempt status of the Cayman Islands.


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