The Central Banker, Deep State Secret Weapon, The ‘Kill Switch’ – Episode 1280b

X22Report, Published on May 15, 2017

Clapper admits that there is no evidence of Russian collusion. The deep state is now extremely worried about how Trump is dismantling what they have setup over the last many years. There more links between the Clinton’s and Russia than there are between Trump and Russia. Larry Klayman says the intelligent agencies are more powerful than the Presidency. Venezuela is imploding on itself and Maduro time is running out. North Korea fired a missile and it is being reported that the missile could carry a nuke. Syria, Iraq put troops into position for the upcoming offensive from the deep state. The deep state is now pushing another piece of propaganda about Assad. The latest cyber attack is a warning from the deep state and if they cannot keep control of the system they will use a cyber attack against the financial system to bring it down, there version of the kill switch.

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