Skeptical of ICOs? Investor Vinny Lingham Can Change Your Mind With a Marker

Up against a white board, Vinny Lingham makes a convincing case for initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Darting and drawing various charts and lines, Lingham positions the nascent concept – through which entrepreneurs sell blockchain-linked data that will form an underlying part of an in-development distributed service – as one that will change the world.

Lingham argues that ICOs, while today criticized for their relative newness and lack of legal framework, have given entrepreneurs the ability to solve a key problem. Namely, how to fund an idea before the point at which outside capital could acquire new users that enable the company to develop toward a successful exit.

“This is the problem we’re solving. There’s a gap between network value and user value,” he explained. “VCs don’t want to fund the gap between the incremental cost of the user and the break-even point.”

It’s perhaps this enthusiasm that is leading Lingham to offer a token that will enable users to buy into the network effect he wants to create with his blockchain identity startup Civic, founded in 2016 as a way to tackle problems relating to identity theft, but that has since expanded into online verification.

Lingham explained that in order to grow, Civic will need to turn its service

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