Project Oaken and the Future of Ethereum-based Smart Transportation

For over a century, automobiles have been the dominant form of transportation in the world – an efficient means of moving from place to place. Today, with the expansive growth and development taking place in many urban settings, managing traffic congestion has become one of the greatest challenges facing the public sector.

With this burgeoning auto-centric culture, questions abound for government leaders and transportation planners; how to fund growing infrastructural needs amid increasing mobility demands, gridlock, and snarls? In what ways can arterial flows be enhanced to adapt to changing traffic patterns and environmental concerns.

Shifting the prevailing traffic management trajectory will require a new mindset—one requiring the use of new technological advancements. Enter Project Oaken, a new startup that has created an Ethereum-based platform for IoT applications. This initiative was awarded $100,000 at a World Government Summit presentation, a Dubai government-sponsored smart governance event, held on February 14. In its proposal for the competition, Project Oaken demonstrated a smart contract use case for automatic toll payments, utilizing a Tesla test vehicle.

This event highlighting the digitalization of government services is part of a more expansive movement to boost blockchain adoption within Dubai, in collaboration with the

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