Out With The Old, In With The New!

milesfranklin.com / by Andrew Hoffman / Feb 17, 2017

It’s Friday morning, and I’m on fire, for many reasons – starting with thus far, being decidedly correct about my “2.5%, ‘Nuff said” theory, for the same reason I was right about my “3.0%, ‘Nuff said” prediction of January 2014; i.e., interest rates cannot rise any further, without annihilating the global economy.  That, and gold rising yesterday due to “bullish” economic data, like the Philly Fed’s comically fraudulent “ten-sigma” surge to three-plus decade highs.  Which, just as I called out a similar surge two years ago as the “lie to end all lies,” will unquestionably crash back into reality shortly.

Gold rising today (albeit, in prototypically Cartel-capped manner) despite the dollar index rising; which, as I have espoused countless times before, has NOTHING to do with U.S. strength – but to the contrary, overseas weakness and “safe haven” capital flows.  By the way, if anyone still believes Fed governors are anything but a handful of Keystone Kop puppets, consider that just three days after Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer said there is extreme uncertainty about the future, with no way of guessing what might happen,

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