Op Ed: What a VPN Is, What It Isn’t and Why You Need One

As Bitcoin and its competitors continue to gain momentum in the financial world, security concerns are on the rise. These concerns apply directly to the many private users of Bitcoin that are worried their privacy is under assault.

For this purpose, users are turning to a variety of solutions. Some are turning to mixers such as the TumbleBit tumbler, a feature recently added to the still-developing Breeze Wallet. Others may be interested in using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to further cement their security and augment anonymity.

VPNs serve a unique purpose in the world of Bitcoin. Traditionally, businesses used them to connect remote users to a similar network, but lately they’ve been increasingly used to encrypt network connections, mask IP addresses, access geographically restricted content and prevent hacking over public WiFi (and Bitcoin theft by extension).

Alternatives such as Tor don’t effectively work beyond the Tor browser. Free proxies lack the speed, reliability and advanced encryption that a VPN offers.

What a VPN Is

With all of that said, not everyone is familiar with what a VPN does. In short, a VPN is a service with multiple remotely located servers that subscribers connect to. Because these servers act as hosts for multiple

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