Not Yet ‘Do or Die’: Experts See Slow Road For DLT in 2017

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In the wake of 2016’s ever-escalating blockchain hype, 2017 has given way to sometimes dire predictions about the industry’s prospects ahead.

Deloitte principal Eric Piscini, for example, has gone so far as to label 2017 the blockchain industry’s “make-or-break year”, arguing that unless the financial services industry can demonstrate “real-world implementations”, the technology risks succumbing to “boardroom fatigue”. And he’s not alone in positioning this as the narrative for the year.

But, is this prognosis too dire? And just how patient can organizations, governments and consultants afford to be?

The consensus opinion among those interviewed by CoinDesk is that the technology is simply too new to pronounce this year – or even the next few years – as a ‘do-or-die’ times for blockchain adoption in major industries.

Nicola Morris, senior vice president of corporate development at payment solutions provider WEX Inc, for instance, is in the early stages of work with the technology, but said she doesn’t feel any particular rush.

“I wouldn’t say we are behind or that the industry is necessarily behind. I think we are all at various stages of the proof-of-concept stage,” Morris said. “We feel very good about what we’re doing this year.”

Yet, others say

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