It’s Impossible to Kill Bitcoin, Says Former Governor of China’s Central Bank

L H Li, former Governor of PBoC and a member of the Financial Economic Committee at China’s People’s Congress, stated in an interview for CCTV, China’s predominant state broadcaster, that it’s impossible to kill bitcoin. According to a translation by Eric Zhao from the Chinese Academy of Science, Li says:

“Bitcoin was built on a platform without national boundaries. If you want to kill bitcoin, it will be an impossible task. So, it will continue to exist. What’s important now is that we should properly regulate it.”

The comments are made after more than a month of PBoC intervention in the bitcoin space, beginning with the opening of an investigation in January. Leading to sweeping changes with many bitcoin exchanges in China implementing fees, withdrawing margins and futures, as well as freezing BTC, LTC and in some cases ETH withdrawals for a time estimate of one month.

Exchanges That Suddenly Paused Digital Currency Withdrawals

China’s Central Bank has communicated

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