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Support for Segregated Witness is seemingly dwindling, which has quite a few bitcoin community members concerned right now. In fact, it appears integrating Segregated Witness into Litecoin is going through some similar struggles right now. The ones who do support SegWit signaling for Bitcoin Core are limited in number, leading to signs of centralizing. Not the kind of development the bitcoin world needs right now, that much is certain.

BitFury Is Responsible For Most SegWit Signalling Support

It will hardly come as a surprise to find out there is still a threat of centralization in the bitcoin world. Once signaling for SegWit began, initial support came in fast and furious. However, since reaching the 22% threshold, things have stagnated over the past few weeks, with little improvement in sight for the time being.

What is even more disconcerting is how most of the SegWit signaling support seems to originate from one source. BitFury, the company known for its mining, hardware and mining pool, is the largest supporter of SegWit so far. This has quite a few people concerned, as this indicates supporting this proposal is a centralized

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