(+) ICO Analysis: BitCAD

As it matures, Ethereum becomes increasingly interesting from both a financial and a cryptocurrency/cryptographic perspective. The platform is truly what you would call “Blockchain 2.0” because, as intended by creator Vitalik Buterin, the global community of Ethereans continue to expand and develop new technologies on top of it, technologies which would not have been possible in a “Bitcoin maximalist” utopia for years to come as well as would never have been possible at all in traditional financial modes.

We have to acknowledge that most of these efforts, though, will fail. Some will come too early, some will fade in the noise generated by competing efforts, and some will fail due to bad execution. It’s never a horrible call to invest a few bucks into anything; if you spread your wad over many baskets, some are bound to grow and make up for the losers. For instance, if the author some years back had put twice as much into Bitcoin as he had into US Steel, by now he’d be so financially comfortable that analysis of any sort would seem to be an unnecessary interruption of his life-long vacation.

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