Europe’s Influence Over Bitcoin Price Could be Minimal

Prior to the 2017 French Presidential election which came to a conclusion on May 7, there has been a lot of talks around then Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen and her mid-term strategy to detach France from the European Union (EU). Emmanuel Macron, the current president-elect who defeated Le Pen in the second round of the election, proceeded his campaign with expressing his strong support toward keeping France in the EU.

Several analysts suggested that Le Pen’s election could bring about a massive influence on bitcoin price and create surging upward trend in the short-term, considering that if elected, Le Pen would have urgently pushed for Frexit, the country’s exit from the EU. As seen in the effect of Brexit in Britain’s finance and fintech industries, analysts predicted that France’s potential exit from the EU with Le Pen as President would lead to a massive upward trend for bitcoin price.

On May 7, Emmanuel Macron secured a decisive victory over Le Pen, successfully obtaining 66 percent of the votes and as a result, the one-month long

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