Ethereum Job Market Colony Enters Beta

A new decentralized platform for work collaboration has now entered the beta stage.

Colony, a project developed on top of the open-source ethereum network, announced earlier this week that it was opening its doors to developers and enthusiasts.

Those using the platform can create or join ‘colonies’, earning incentivizing tokens for performing tasks in the form of bounties. The thus-far private beta comes less than a year after Colony netted $10,000 at the the Consensus 2016 Proof of Work showcase competition, at which the startup won unanimously.

According to a blog post, Colony is now looking for feedback as it fine-tunes the platform.

The startup wrote:

“This is the early beta feature set: task management with payments (your own Colony token) and transaction records. Do you have an organization that is looking to become open externally and collaborate with talent outside of your organization? If so, we’re still looking for great people to try our first version of the product once it’s built.”

Colony went on to emphasize that the beta represents “a limited subset of the eventual functionality” – this is to say, users have the ability to assign various tasks and apply budgets for them. Future features like integrations with

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