Disney’s Upcoming Pirates Movie Held for Bitcoin Ransom by Pirates

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Disney’s upcoming installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been plundered by real-life pirates who are now holding Disney Studios to a bitcoin ransom.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger has told ABC employees on Monday that hackers have threatened to release a Disney film they claim to have pilfered from the studio. While details of the bitcoin ransom demand are scarce, Iger reportedly stated that hackers demanded ‘a huge sum be paid in Bitcoin.’

To carry out their threat, the hackers would release five minutes of the film initially online, before uploading 20-minute chunks until the point where their extortion demands are met.

Although Iger did not reveal the movie allegedly stolen by the ransom-demanding hackers, Deadline has confirmed that it is the newest film in the Johnny Depp-starring Pirates franchise. The upcoming ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ is scheduled

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