Day of Demos: Blockchain-IoT Consortium Kicks Off With Use Cases Aplenty

“Who are all these people interested in this?”

The question, asked by Shilpi Kumar, head of product commercialization at Filament, summed up the reaction to a Trusted IoT Alliance event sponsored by Cisco in San Jose last week. As the event showcased, the intersection of the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain is becoming more congested, with commercial products now live, instead of merely proofs-of concept.

According to Kumar, only a year ago Filament, which sells IoT hardware connected to the blockchain, was often receiving confused, if not skeptical, looks when the company mentioned it was developing blockchain for IoT applications. And now, she said, looking out over a room of about 100 attendees, “there’s all these people sitting with us at that intersection.”

Not only are more entrepreneurs interested in the space, but, in the past three months, calls from corporate clients asking how the blockchain plays a role in Filament’s business model have increased as well, she said.

This increased interest could be, in part, the work that Bosch, Cisco and the other members of a previously unnamed group have done to create awareness of the many use cases for blockchain in the IoT industry.

But, according to Anoop Nannra, the senior leader and head of

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