Dash Releases Software Upgrade in Sweeping Redesign

Labeling it “its largest software upgrade ever”, Dash has released version 12.1, codenamed Sentinel, today. The anticipated update sets to path a wider redesign of Dash in its advent toward unveiling ‘Evolution’ a decentralized payments system and marketplace that Dash says will compete with the likes of PayPal and Venmo.

The latest network upgrade, Dash adds, will feature improvements to backend protocols, voting functions and privacy features and governance.

Ryan Taylor, director of finance at Dash stated:

We vastly improved the speed of our end user privacy features, improved access to information on the network’s budget and voting system, and created a much more stable and robust governance system that enables changes to network without requiring additional software upgrades.

The latest release will also feature a decentralized programmable database solution, enabling updates through a programmable interface.

Toward Evolution

Sentinel is a necessary upgrade toward establishing Evolution, a payments system that offers no consumer fees for its instant transactions, “near-free” merchant fees in an integrated marketplace and interest bearing accounts accessible on a bank-like user interface. Fundamentally, it’s akin to the

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