Core Developer: Bitcoin is About Financial Sovereignty, Not Speed

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Eric Lombrozo, a Bitcoin Core developer, believes that bitcoin is about financial independence and freedom, rather than providing a centralized settlement network which already serves as the backbone of today’s global financial ecosystem.

Over the past two years, various bitcoin communities, analysts and experts have debated on the characterization of bitcoin; specifically whether bitcoin demonstrates the qualities of a settlement network or digital gold.

Since the initial deployment of the bitcoin network, Bitcoin Core developers and other talents in the open source development community of bitcoin have focused on strengthening security measures to eliminate the presence of a central authority within the bitcoin network and ensure the network itself will not be compromised in the future.

The prioritization of security instead of flexibility and functionality as seen in alternative failed blockchain projects allowed bitcoin to prosper and evolve into a decentralized financial network that can’t be censored or restricted by a governing entity. It allowed users to settle payments with low fees and at relatively fast speeds, in comparison to traditional banking.

As the bitcoin network grew in size, transactional delays caused discomfort for daily users. Some individuals expressed their concerns over the increasing transaction fee of bitcoin, which is currently at US$0.32 for

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