Consensus 2017: People and Machine Problems – Solved with Blockchain?

On a global scale, blockchain solutions are being sought to tackle the word’s most pressing problems, everything from identity to financial services for the unbanked, and even world hunger.

But on panels discussing those very issues at CoinDesk’s Consensus 2017 conference, it became clear that these were complex problems that would take a long time to sort out. Several panelists put out a call for more data – not simply on blockchain solutions that are working, but those that aren’t, too.

Surprisingly, obtaining the latter was more difficult.

“This is a nascent field, and the startups in the space are tight-lipped about failures,” said Mike Pisa, policy fellow at Center for Global Development, a US think tank focused on international development.

Rose Chan, founder of World Bank’s blockchain working group, agreed with his sentiment, telling the audience:

“We need more data, we need more pilots and more trials. It is better for the entire ecosystem to be honest about what is not working.”

And, as some pointed out, even blockchain has its limitations.

As Niall McCann, lead electoral advisor at United Nations Development Programme, remarked, there are good reasons why some programs do not succeed.

“We are operating in countries where having enough electricity in a mountain village is

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