Consensus 2017 Day 1 Recap: Collaboration, Education and Patience

It’s about balance and breadth.

The panels at Consensus 2017 yesterday touched a wide range of topics, from global issues down to the integration of blockchain and IoT. But in spite of the diversity of panels and panelists, common themes started to emerge.

The opening panel, “Going Global”, not only echoed the notable international presence amongst speakers and attendees, it also reflected blockchain’s spread across ecosystems and geographical areas. Panels on cross-border payments, trade finance, global issues and others highlighted the expansion beyond all types of boundaries, not just political.

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Many panelists spoke of the need to think beyond ‘silos’, or environments that lack outside communication and collaboration.

Niall McCann, lead electoral advisor at the UN Development Programme (UNDP), pointed out that even departments in large, global organizations end up working in silos, which slows down innovation. Other panelists echoed the call for increased communication, between departments, organizations and even sectors.

Blockchains weren’t immune from this idea of connection, either. Joseph Lubin of ConsenSys commented on the blurring of boundaries between the public and private versions of ethereum, as businesses building on private adaptations add public integration to their roadmaps.

Part of the problem is education. Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO of cross-border bitcoin startup BitPesa commented that one

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