Canceling BREXIT Edition: Conservatard Lead in the UK Has Been Cut in Half / Dr. Fly / May 21, 2017

When Theresa May called for early elections to prove that she had the will of the people behind her, I immediately felt she was being retarded, foolhardy and full of hubris. She had nothing to gain, other than by humiliating her opponents.

Apparently, the tide seems to be turning ahead of the June 8th elections. This is precisely the worst time for her party to lose momentum. One can only hope and pray for a liberal upset, in order to teach May some proper manners and decorum, when dealing with irrational people and exhibiting leadership.

A true leader, a strong leader, doesn’t constantly curry the favor of the people. He demands it.

As such, on the ghost of Winston Churchill, should the conservatives lose this election, she shall be drawn and quartered by her party and her head mounted on a pike by the BREXIT hating globalists in the UK.


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