BitTicket Uses Ethereum Classic to Book Tickets on a Blockchain

Citizen Ticket has launched a new ticket delivery system called BitTicket, becoming the first digital events ticket on the blockchain for public events.

By utilizing Ethereum Classic, it is hoped that Citizen Ticket can resolve many of the unethical problems that plague the event ticketing market such as ticket touts, ticket hoarding by secondary ticket websites and counterfeiters.

Citizen Ticket has already undertaken its first event using the blockchain technology to issue tickets at the Scottish Street Food Awards in Edinburgh, which took place on 12 May.

When it comes to the ticket industry there are two ticket websites: the primary ticket website and a secondary ticket resell website.

According to Citizen Ticket, the main purpose of the secondary ticket website is to enable the market leader to hold a number of tickets from their primary ticket website so that they can then sell those tickets for higher prices on their secondary website, under the guise that this is a platform that has been designed to allow fans to resell tickets.


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