Bitcoin Hits $2000 On Bitfinex as Bullrun Beats Bubble Fears

Bitcoin has already reached the historic $2,000 mark on some exchanges as momentum gains among investors.

Data from Bitfinex shows asking prices of over $2,000 per coin Friday as the price per coin many thought would take years becomes reality.

BTC chart

Liquidity variations mean that some exchanges have already traded Bitcoin above $2,000. Bitfinex is leading the group of ‘mainstream’ resources crossing the boundary.

Price stagnation in the $1,800 range had led commentators to suggest a run higher was less likely, while others suggested bubble-like behavior had already set in and that a correction downwards would shortly come.

So far, this has not occurred, with prices this week making up the remaining $200 to see Bitcoin’s price almost twice what it was this time last month.

BTC charts

More optimistic sources such as BTC China CEO Bobby Lee are now turning their attention to what is considered the next major ‘landmark’ price - $10,000.

My number of @Twitter followers has just reached 10K!😃
Most importantly, this also means that my #Bitcoin#PriceTarget is now USD $10,000!👏👏

— Bobby Lee (@bobbyclee) May 19, 2017

Those who have been warning against steep price rises, notably Vinny Lingham, will no doubt have less to celebrate.

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