Beth: A Closed-End Fund Using the Ethereum Blockchain for Smart Investments

Back in the day, iconic investors like George Soros used the best possible judgment they could come up with to find new market opportunities. Later on, came the “quants”, who managed to find opportunities with the use of computer algorithms and statistics. For Wall Street’s traders, the future is now based on machine learning models that can even run hedge funds by themselves.

Deep learning technology, however, requires super-powerful computers and a lot of data to work properly, both of which are out of the typical cryptocurrency trader’s reach, until now. Enter Beth, the first-ever closed-end fund providing investors the opportunity to take advantage of the latest deep learning technology and be a part of a new decentralized economy.

What is Beth?

Beth is a deep learning based solution that will be responsible for the management of the Beth Fund. It has been created by a team of four developers passionate about equality for everyone, and that have been working on the project between May and September of 2016.

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