Baseball on the Blockchain? One Fan’s Quest to Merge Two Passions

Josh Metnick is the former CTO of the Chicago Sun-Times, where he helped pilot the first cryptocurrency paywall. His current blockchain project, Loki, is in stealth mode.

In this opinion piece, Metnick recalls his journey to uncover applications for blockchains in Major League Baseball, ultimately presenting a hard-fought rubric outlining the intersection between two of his passions.

“The future ain’t what it used to be.” – Yogi Berra

Words that start with the letter ‘b’ hold power in our industry.

There’s ‘bitcoin’, the foundation-stone, then there are the ‘banks’. Even ethereum can’t escape the clutches of definitional terms like ‘blocks’ and ‘build’. And there’s that other academic casus belli – the Byzantine General’s Problem that started it all.

Which brings me lastly to an unrelated term. I’m talking, of course, about our national pastime: baseball.

First, I love bitcoin and I love baseball, and it’s with no small mental effort that these two topics have been fused together finally in this piece.

I have nobody to blame. I brought this upon myself.

Six months have passed since I lucked into a basic exploration of this topic on the spot, at a snap presentation in Chicago. But resuscitating the memory of those

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