A Tale Of Two Women: Just Following Orders Edition

In 1981, Anne Gorsuch was appointed to be head of the EPA by Ronald Reagan. Gorsuch, an arch conservative, took to her job of curtailing the activities of the EPA with gusto, eventually leading to a scandal and her removal from the post.

The scandal involved the following accusations:

  • Political manimpulation
  • Fund mismanagement
  • Destruction of subpoenaed documents

Her defense? “I was just following orders.”

Now that’s a defense that we’ve heard before, in Nuremberg, and one that as a society we’ve taken as a non-defense. Even in the military with its rigid hierarchy and a clear necessity for soldiers to follow orders, saying “I was following orders” is not considered a defense for carrying out clearly illegal acts or committing atrocities.

As a person placed in a position of trust at the very top of the government, Anne Gorsuch’s responsibility to follow the law was that much more important.

Further, though it never plays out this way, it is my sincere belief that the higher a position of trust you have, and the wider a field of impact you have, the harsher should be the punishment should you commit crimes.

And, it is the moral obligation of every individual to

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