5 Ways Theme Parks Could Embrace Blockchain (And Why They Should)

Jegar Pitchforth is a statistician, data scientist and blogger with a background in complex systems analysis.

In this opinion piece, Pitchforth takes a tour of potential blockchain applications in the theme park industry, presenting five ways the summer entertainment staple could improve by using the tech.


The theme park world has been known to embrace all forms of new technology, from virtual reality in rides to recommendation systems on mobile apps and the touchless payment technology that now pervades all major theme parks globally.

But while the methods of delivering the theme park experience are as advanced as they come in any industry, the systems behind all of it are sorely lacking. The experience of booking tickets and organizing the visit is often a lot more stressful than it needs to be, and anything that minimizes this process is likely to be well received.

Meanwhile, the digital world is undergoing a change in the way it stores information and makes financial transactions. A technology known broadly as ‘blockchain’ is gaining more and more attention amongst development circles, and it promises a new way of interacting with data altogether free of server costs or security issues.

You’ve probably heard of the first major application of the blockchain

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